Civil War trailer out. Who’s side are you on?

The much anticipated trailer of Captain America: Civil War is out and it looks insane. So finally Avengers are divided and Cap & Ironman are face to face with their sides of other superheroes. I’m still not out of the last sequence where Captain America and Winter Solider are giving some good time to Ironman….

Siachen – 1.5 hrs at 20,000 ft

No one would doubt that Anwer Maqsood sahab and KopyKats make a great time. After their wonderful theatre ventures like Ponay 14 August, Sawa 14 August and Half Plate, I personally felt that the last play ‘Dharna’ could not meet the benchmark they’ve already set but then came ‘Siachen’.   As the name says, ‘Siachen’…

When gaming takes you back to childhood

Of all the memories we cherish, those from childhood are possibly the most special. There are times when you feel like going back to the past and become a child. Something like that happened this Sunday at Centaurus Islamabad when I was out for a good weekend. There was a huge crowd of kids around…

Let’s unbox Triple Treat!

Just had a chance to have Triple Treat of Pizza Hut. Let’s have a look in the video to find what’s in the box…. #TreatForAll