Yes, food fest in Capital


Pakistani food is highly associated with Karachi and Lahore but now there’s a new player entering food market and that is Islamabad. The multicultural capital, not yet registered as a city with great food, though has a great potential. Seeing food festivals in metropolitans, the capital also geared up and finally had one of its own – Kings Food Festival.


The festival with least publicity and pre-hype was surprisingly attended by a good number of people. F-9 Park seemed crowded with people looking for their favorite food. Different known vendors offered different kind of food. We started with chaat, then had fries, gol gappay etc. There was food like Nutella desserts, Nans, Tikka, Ice cream and many others.




Interesting part was that along with known food chains, different entrepreneurs also had the opportunity to present their food and somehow start penetrating in the market.

Quality-wise the food overall needed to improve and that’s understood as Islamabad is still looking for growth. Also, vendors had their least focus on food presentation so I lost half of my motivation and appetite. However, it was positive to see the growing interest of people in food.


“We had a very set criteria to consider the event a success”, said Samei, one of the organizers. “If our guests walk out of the festival happy and satisfied, then the event would be considered a success. After calling feedback from facebook, we realized that no amount of sales and promotions can bring us the love and support people have shown. We are all proud Islamabadians today”, he added.


The festival ended up with a powerhouse performance by the band ‘Khumariyan’.

Personally being a foodie, I’m glad to see a city like Islamabad focusing on food market. Hopefully we’ll some more festivals like this and will have some good food too.



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