Exploring Pakistan: Wonder named Swaik lake


Did you know this place named Swaik Lake exists in Pakistan?



Pakistan is beautiful and there are many places within Pakistan that are must-to-know for people who love to explore. My love of exploring new places was refreshed today as I visited a beautiful lake named “Swaik Lake”. Located 145kms away from Islamabad near Kallar Kahaar, Swaik Lake is a wonder itself.

Hidden between the mountains, Swaik Lake is something not many Pakistanis know. Surrounded by green mountains, the small lake has clean water anyone would die to jump in. Best part, you can enjoy scattered showers from little waterfalls while swimming. Tall mountains around will give you a great feeling. Time to see some pictures.


One more thing, you can have free Fish spa at there. These small fishes would give your feet a great tickling spa, of course you have be careful with insects around. Believe me it feels great.


Now comes the difficult part. Going to the lake isn’t easy at all. After reaching the parking area, you have to hike through difficult steeps and rocks. This almost one hour hike is difficult when you’re coming back tired and you have to go up crossing rocky steeps, but the incentive is priceless!




Chakwal, near Kallar Kahaar (Exact location in the map)

145 kms distance and 2 hours’ time from Islamabad.

swake location

Things to remember:

Water bottles, hiking stick and life jacket for better experience.


Best time to go:

Earliest morning.


The place is an amazing summer spot.. Do explore the beautiful Swaik Lake and let me know about the experience on Twitter. I tweet with @jibransiddiqui




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  1. Wow! So going there, thanks for sharing this un-explored lake Jibran

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