Here comes Islamabad’s first sports bar

Islamabad is one of those Pakistani cities where a diversified number of sports lovers resides. From Cricket to Football, from Golf to Futsal and from Tennis to Rugby, large number of sports are not only played but fanatically followed as well. Being a sports fan, I always wished to have a sports bar in Islamabad. Sports Bars are opened globally to entertain sports fans where they can eat, drink, socialize with likeminded and watch sports events together. Finally, a sports bar opened right next to my workplace they call “Offside Sports Bar & Grill”.

Offside Sports Bar & Grill, located at main F-11 Markaz near Shaheen Chemist, is Islamabad’s first proper sports bar. The environment and ambiance is cozy, contemporary and sporty. There are three different screens where live sports events are screened (I’m surely watching Pakistan v England ODI and T20 series here, and probably next PSL too).

Coming to the food, Offside has a range of food named after different sportsmen like Del Piero, Di Natale and De Stefano while some are named after football terms like Trequartista and Catenaccio, something only sports lovers would relate to. All these are different varieties of Pizzas and Burgers. Oh, there’s also a Panini named ‘The Match Fixer’, interesting. Overall food quality and taste (of the limited items I tried) is 7/10. Will try some more in future.

Offside Sports Bar and Grill is a great addition to the city and something refreshing for those who love sports. I hope it serves not only as a good restaurant but a strong socializing spot for sports fans as well.


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  1. How great is that, now sports enthusiasts can hang out there . Let’s plan for T20 series there for sure we’ll have fun.

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