Top 5 collaborations of Coke Studio


Coke Studio was started to produce unique music by integrating different music genres artist collaborations. In These 9 years, Coke Studio has given us a lot of musical innovation and there have been a number of artist collaborations. Let check the best 5 collaborations:

5. Umair Jaswal & Quratulain Baloch – Sammi Meri Waar

collab 1

Umair Jaswal and QB were already known among music listeners but ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ gave both a new identity. It was a unique collaboration where two powerhouse vocalists came together to sing a soft folk song. However, Jaswal grabbed some little opportunity to scream at points.

4. Meesha Shafi & Arif Lohar – Alif Allah

collab 3

Legendary folk singer Arif Lohar made a great combination with the versatile Meesha Shafi. Arif Lohar jumped from his folk style to folk-pop fusion without giving up his mountain high pitch. Meesha’s stylish changed the landscape of the song and thus, Alif Allah became one of the best songs of Season 3.

3. Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat Ali – Umraan Langiyan

collab 5

There’s one thing common about Ali Sethi and Nabeel, both appeared from nowhere and won everyone’s hearts with their voice. Unique thing about this collaboration was that both the singers did not meet till the end of song. Both Nabeel and Ali had their different parts and there was no shared chorus. Young lads have got the talent.

2. Umair Jaswal & Ahmed Jahanzaib – Khaaki Banda

collab 4

One of the most powerful collaborations ever done in Coke Studio. ‘Khaaki Banda’ conquered hearts on its very first day. One of the reasons of its success is ‘Wonder Boy’ Ahmed Jahanzaib’s sudden return. AJ’s magical vocals from high to low notes proved who the real master is. On the other hand, Umair Jaswal first time got the opportunity to display his powerbomb vocal range and showed a glimpse of it, he’s surely a bigger monster than that. I personally believe ‘Khaaki banda’ is one of the best CS songs ever.

1. Ali Azmat and Rahat Fateh Ali – Garaj Baras

collab 2 ai

The very first song is the still the best CS collaboration ever. It was the song where two masters came together and performed a powerful duet in their very own styles. It was the song that actually set the direction for next 8 seasons.


Season 9 is half done, we hope to see some more collaborations in future too. A gigantic collaboration is on its way where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will share the stage with Amjad Sabri, eagerly waiting.

So do you agree with the top 5? Tell us your best 5.







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