Ta’am for those who need!


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. These words by John Holmes are no fiction but an obvious reality. In the times of despair, 5f9d6106-dc12-4aab-b194-d37435e455a0darkness and sorrows, all we are looking for is hope, a hope that can do wonders. To bring wonders, we don’t need towers of efforts but even a single small act of kindness that brings smile on a face can do wonders. This small group of students is doing the same with the name of Ta’am.

Ta’am is an organization founded by Political Science students of Lahore College for Women University named Tayyaba Nawaz, Humna Moazzam, Fatima Tasleem, Fatima Rana, Hajra Yaqoob, Javairia Khan, Ayesha Asim and Fatima Tasleem. These students distribute food among needy people of different slums of Lahore. So far, they have covered the areas of Shadman, Thokar Niaz Baig, Shair Pao Pul and Muslim Town.

Talking to Durbeen, the students, who seemed very passionate and dedicated towards the work they are doing, told that food is the basic necessity of life and unfortunately a huge segment of our population is still looking forward for basics. 2f3b3808-6af9-4219-ab34-f6fea71018f4What else a person would think of when his basics are not fulfilled and this is where our development process goes slower. They said they have started this work with a limited team and limited resources but have plans to expand it with time. Main objective of Ta’am is to save leftover food, which is being wasted on daily basis in huge amount, and give it to those for whom it means more than garbage.

According to Ta’am, they are aiming to feed 500+ people in 3 months on their own, 331410fe-fc0c-400e-8a1a-715e99ea30fewithout any funding. Future plans are of collaborating with food saving organizations that save left over food for needy people. The progress and planning of students seems impressive.

In order to expand this great cause, Ta’am are opening slots for Volunteers. So if you want to join them or even inform them about areas where food is needed, email to tayyabanawaz77@gmail.com

Our prayers and best wishes with Ta’am for the great work, no matter how limited the resources are, as Mother Teressa said “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”.



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